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Issue 5 embraces summer the best way MOOD knows how: with lots of drinks! In this issue you’ll find drinking games, a night on the hunt for the right cocktail and a recipe for a delicious Calypso-inspired cocktail.

But it’s not all about drinking this summer. It’s also about barbecuing, going to the beach, taking a vacation (to San Francisco perhaps) and staying caffeinated so we can spend those extra hours of light wide awake. Issue 5 doesn't only embrace the heat, but also gives you something to look back on when the harsh winter returns.

80 pages
Offset printed
Full color on uncoated paper
Perfect bound

MOOD is a quarterly magazine about music and food. For them, not many things can beat a good record and a delicious meal. Maybe a well-written story, or a gorgeous photo. Well, that's all in MOOD. The magazine looks at music and food in a cohesive and unique way, with a keen eye to design and high quality writing. The contributors are located around the globe, and the featured stories span accordingly.