BOBBI BARRON // OWNER + CURATOR

S E M B L A N C E is a women's lifestyle boutique focusing on unique and unexpected finds in apparel, accessories and specialty items. Our belief is in quality pieces that work together to build an entire wardrobe. We offer one-on-one personal shopping to ensure you find the right items that work for your everyday life, personality and style. We carry an array of handmade jewelry and accessories that focus on quality and craftsmanship as well as impeccable design. Our goal is to bring the best in timeless and modern products that will live in your closet and home for years to come.

With a strong focus on independent artists and designers, we believe that it's important to be conscious of what you buy. That who, where and how products are made is impactful on the earth and economy. That sustainability is something that is often overlooked in fashion and supporting, buying and producing ethically made items is an important movement. We want to be part of this movement by bringing you well made and well designed products by individuals and companies that also want to change the way we think about the environment, consumerism and fashion.